To the Rescue of Waterville


Producing and distributing drinking water: not so easy!

In the To the Rescue of Waterville activity, your students replicate each of the steps necessary to transform raw water into drinking water in our laboratory. Then, participants design a distribution and wastewater collection network while respecting the many constraints that are unavoidable here, as in your neighbourhood. It’s a fun and educational activity to discover water!

Choice of Activities

The C.I.EAU encourages teachers to participate in the entire activity, including the “Production of Drinking Water” and “Distribution of Drinking Water” segments. However, it is also possible to participate only in one or other of these two parts of the activity. Select the desired option when making your reservation.

Mobile Version

The To the Rescue of Waterville activity is also available in a mobile version! It’s possible to have a science facilitator come to your school or to rent a simulator and conduct the activity yourself. The mobile version is available for drinking water production only. Select the desired option when making your reservation. 

Schedule and Duration

The activity takes place every day from Monday to Friday.

A full activity at the C.I.EAU lasts between 5 and 5 1/2 hours, while a half activity lasts between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. The schedule varies according to the number of groups and the arrival times of each school. The in-school activity (mobile version) lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.


Two groups of maximum 30 students divided into seven teams.

The C.I.EAU can accommodate up to 60 children simultaneously for this activity. Two groups will be formed and directed to two different sub-activities. Halfway through, the groups are switched so that all students experience both the simulations and the activities at the AquaLab.



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Rate for the To the Rescue of Waterville activity (complete activity) 
$400 per group (non-taxable).

For a half-activity, the rate is $270 per group (non-taxable).

Please note that for a reservation of more than one group from the same school you receive a $20 discount per group!
We also offer a $50 discount per activity for special groups to promote access to learning.

For any additional information,
contact us directly at or at 450 963-6463.

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Links with the Quebec
Education Program

The To the Rescue of Waterville activity addresses several topics related to the elementary school education curriculum,  particularly in science and technology and the environment. For more details, consult the Teacher’s Guide below (p.1).

Educational Materials

Each C.I.EAU activity has been designed in collaboration with the school, pedagogical and scientific communities in order to offer comprehensive activities that are integrated into the Quebec Education Program.

Click on the pictures below to download the documents related to the To the Rescue of Waterville activity!


Teacher's Guide

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