Eau Cube


Take a virtual tour of a water treatment plant! 

Your students will become true water treatment experts with the help of images, videos, isometric diagrams and educational vignettes on selected water treatment artifacts. 

Hosted live by one of our science facilitators, Eau Cube is the perfect virtual activity to take a journey into the heart of  water. 

Choice of Activities

Eau Cube is currently available for drinking water only. The wastewater version is currently under development. Contact Us if you wish to be informed when it becomes available.

Schedule and Duration

This activity takes place every day, from Monday to Friday. It is occasionally offered to the general public on Saturdays or Sundays. Consult our calendar to know the upcoming dates. 

Eau Cube lasts for one hour, including a question period.


The virtual activity, Eau Cube, is adapted for a group of 30 participants. 

Status of activity due to COVID-19

Since the activity is 100% virtual, COVID-19 has no impact on Eau Cube.


The fee for the Eau Cube activity is $200 per group.

Please note that for a reservation of more than one group from the same school, you get $20 off per group! We also offer a $50 discount per activity for special groups to facilitate access to learning.

For further information, please contact us directly at inscription@cieau.org or at 450 963-6463.

Connections with the Quebec Education Program

The Eau Cube activity addresses several topics related to the elementary and secondary education curriculums, particularly in science and technology.

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