Water Duel


Two teams face off against each other (keeping the proper distance!) in this interactive water quiz. Through fascinating science demonstrations, the facilitator gets kids to test their knowledge of science and the environment. One person from each group is chosen as the team leader and is responsible for pressing a sound button at the right time to give their team the right to answer.

The facilitator will give several water science demonstrations, each followed by questions that are sure to get a laugh! The question and answer sessions will be interspersed with various physical exercises or “victory dances.” Everyone will participate safely in this unique and educational quiz!

Schedule and Duration

The activity takes place every day from Monday to Friday. The activity lasts 1 hour. It usually takes place at your school, but can also be done at the C.I.EAU.


The Water Duel activity was designed for a class of 30 students.



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Rate for the Water Duel activity
$180 per group (non-taxable)

Please note that for a reservation of more than one group from the same school you will receive a $20 discount per group!
We also offer a $50 discount per activity for special groups to promote access to learning.

For any additional information, contact us directly at inscription@cieau.org or at 450 963-6463.

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