Services to Municipalities

Let your citizens discover your water treatment plants!

Discover an all-inclusive service offered by C.I.EAU to municipalities throughout Quebec! C.I.EAU creates a visit adapted to YOUR needs. In-person and/or virtual (3D) tours are available.

The Advantages

In accordance with the objectives of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s (MMAH) Drinking Water Conservation Strategy, you can educate your citizens:

  • about the quality of the water produced by your city
  • about water-related issues
  • about water treatment operations
  • about the importance of water conservation and how to do it
  • about the lack of human resources for water-related jobs

Our Experience

The C.I.EAU has the expertise and experience. We have been organizing water treatment plant visits since 2008.

They have done business with us and are satisfied:

  • City of Laval
  • Québec City
  • City of Trois-Rivières
  • City of Gatineau
  • And many more!

The presentation includes displays that illustrate the processes invisible to the naked eye and make the information easy to understand.


Explore our 3D tour demo at the Sainte-Rose Drinking Water Production Plant!

Our Methodology:

1) Site visit and feasibility analysis

2) Recommendations on where to install schematic and descriptive displays

3) Staging at the plant with a focus on visitor safety parameters

4) Production and delivery of visual and educational materials

5) Training of staff responsible for the visits

6) On-site facilitation services by the C.I.EAU team, if desired

Ready to dive in?

A C.I.EAU Kiosk for your event

We want to help you celebrate important events! To do so, the C.I.EAU offers an educational kiosk and animation service that can be adapted to any context.

Our science facilitators know how to entertain the public with our unique activities! In addition, our organization deals very closely with an ecological issue that concerns all of us.

A C.I.EAU presence at your event allows for a positive impact: you will contribute to the common effort to increase water awareness. In short, having a C.I.EAU kiosk at your event guarantees a great ambiance with a fun and educational experience for visitors.

Let our team organize the right program for your needs and your target audience! Our creative specialists will create the best options for the occasion. We can provide fun interactive content as well as educational materials.

You’re looking to make your events a success?

Visite d'une station virtuelle - Chomedey