Who We Are

History of the C.I.EAU

The Centre d’interprétation de l’eau was created to educate citizens, especially children, about drinking water and wastewater treatment procedures.  

The founding members of the C.I.EAU wanted to raise awareness among people of all ages about the importance of taking care of water. The current team continues this work by promoting scientific-educational experiences that highlight the value of the WATER resource.

The C.I.EAU was founded in 2002 thanks to the dedication of André Perrault. The idea was conceived before he retired from his position as Director of Public Works and Environment for the City of Laval. He was able to bring together volunteers who shared his interest in the development and conservation of water while collecting the objects that would be displayed in the permanent exhibits to illustrate the urban water cycle.

In 2008, the dream came true with the inauguration of the permanent exhibition The Water Trail: From River to River on the second floor of the Sainte-Rose Water Treatment Plant. The C.I.EAU then launched its activities for the general public and young people. Its AquaLab, imagined and designed by Denis Fyfe, an expert volunteer and accomplice of André Perrault, welcomes school groups, and a facilitator gives them the opportunity to perform scientific experiments on water.

Thus, with a very active and constantly evolving water community, the C.I.EAU reaches out across Quebec and beyond from the heart of Vieux Sainte-Rose in Laval.

The C.I.EAU's Mission

The C. I. EAU’s mission is to promote the protection and responsible use of water. In order to accomplish its mission, the C.I.EAU organizes various activities, for the general public, such as conferences, educational activities, events and more.

The C.I.EAU is guided in its decisions and actions by the following values:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Social commitment

Vision of the C.I.EAU

The C.I.EAU wishes to become the reference in the field of public education about water.