Emerging Talent Award
EAU André-Perrault

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The 2021 Edition of the competition is underway. Application deadline: January 22, 2022. Register now by clicking here!

Inspired by the monumental work of C.I.EAU founder André Perrault, the award aims to:

  • Recognize the innovative, exceptional or above-standard quality of the actions or achievements of young people in the water sector, whether in terms of good practices or technologies
  • To highlight the dedication and work of the next generation
  • Promote Quebec’s know-how in the water sector
  • Recognize excellence in the development of good practices and technologies related to water

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Not be serving on the C.I.EAU Board of Directors or working for C.I.EAU
  • Any individual or organization, whether a member of C.I.EAU or not, may nominate a young up-and-comer who meets the eligibilitý criteria

Selection Criteria

  • Exceptional contribution to the field of water in Quebec
  • Relevance of the actions or achievements related to water
  • Innovative, exceptional or superior nature of the actions or achievements related to water
  • Positive impact and sustainabilitý of the actions or achievements related to water
  • Quality of the application and the documents provided (in French)

What candidates are rated on:

1. The quality of the applicant’s presentation
1.1 How does the applicant’s work relate to water?
2. Contribution to the water sector in Quebec
2.1 How do the nominee’s achievements contribute to one or more of the elements listed below?
a. advancing knowledge in the field of water
b. advancing water technologies
c. improving water management
2.2 Have their achievements had an impact on Quebec?
3. Relevance of water-related actions or achievements
3.1 Do these actions respond to a need in the field of water and/or have they helped solve a water-related problem?
4. Innovative nature of water-related achievements
4.1 How are their achievements innovative?
5. Positive impact and sustainability of water-related actions or achievements
5.1 How do their achievements have a positive impact on water management and/or water quality?
5.2 How do their achievements provide new ways of doing things that will have long-term positive effects and/or help preserve water for future generations?

Selection Jury

The Selection Jury is composed of one member of the C.I.EAU Board of Directors and experts in the field of water.

To Be Won

Several rewards will be offered to the winner:

  • A $1,500 scholarship sponsored by the Fondation de Gaspé Beaubien
  • Mention with photo in the magazine Vecteur Environnement
  • Mention with photo on the C.I.EAU website
  • Mention in a published press release
  • Trophy

How to participate?

To participate, you must complete a web form describing the applicant and their water-related initiatives. The web form must be submitted by Friday, January 22, 2022.


Thanks to our partners: the Fondation de Gaspé Beaubien

Réseau Environnement and Source magazine for their contribution to this contest. 


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