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Discover the Mille Îles and Des Prairies Rivers
like you've never seen them before with the River Rally!

What is the
River Rally?

The River Rally is a recreational and touristic activity offered by the C.I.EAU. It’s a wonderful activity to do with family or friends to discover the history, heritage, fauna, flora and secrets of the Mille Îles and Des Prairies rivers.

It’s a route consisting of 21 permanent stations that are located in pleasant and fascinating sites along the banks of the Mille Îles and Des Prairies rivers. The River Rally allows you to do a complete tour of the island of Laval and explore the North Shore of the Mille Îles river!

Each station presents valuable information on an aspect related to the river’s water. The objective of the Rally is to lead visitors to discover, firsthand, the beauty, the particularities, the history and the important role of the Mille Îles and Des Prairies rivers and their tributaries.

The River Rally
mobile application: CIEAU

An interactive mobile application for the River Rally! Yes! A mobile application will accompany you as you explore. Educational, fun, informative, georeferenced and bilingual, for adults or children: there is something for everyone! The River Rally interactive application includes unique quests, local activity suggestions, and river-related information. This information is presented in the form of quizzes, photos, videos, enhanced reality and more. Start your exploration by downloading the mobile app now!

How much time should we plan for
the River Rally?

The River Rally is designed to be an enjoyable day of discovery for participants.
There is no need to rush to the finish line. Thus, all means of participation are possible:
by bicycle, car or motorcycle. A route should be planned to discover each of the sites!
You can also select a few sites and explore others at a later date.
  All the information about the different routes can be found in the mobile application, which will guide you during your adventure. 

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